"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Our mighty staff at the Centre is committed to provide a high quality program that caters for the needs, interests and abilities of all children. In order to do this, our staff regularly observes a child’s skills and interests as well as consults with the child’s family. These observations allow staff to set individual goals, devise strategies to achieve these goals, keep track of each child’s progress and plan appropriate experiences for further learning and development.

In early childhood, play is considered the key way in which children learn. Therefore, the program and the environment are carefully arranged so that our mighty people have access to a range of resources that challenge to develop new skills or practice recently acquired ones.

Children’s participation in a variety of activities is valued, rather than the production of a recognisable result. Thus, the program is aimed at developing each mighty person’s confidence in his or her own ability and to take on new challenges.

Inquiry Based Learning

Little Mighty Me adopts an inquiry-based approach in the design of its curriculum. Learning is based on investigation of topics and all activities lead children to find answers to their own questions. We engage our young learners from Playgroup (18-30 months old) to Kindergarten 2 (6 year olds) through inquiry based learning where the little ones wonder, imagine, explore, investigate, discover and share their learning of meaningful studies. In order to ensure continuity and connections between children's learning, each of the studies are interrelated to one another and children's new learning builds upon their prior knowledge and experiences.  

Our integrated programme is conducted in both English and Mandarin and children’s experiences and learning are further enhanced through the Interest Areas that each classroom environment provides. A typical programme in a week at Little Mighty Me consists of integrated indoor and outdoor activities comprising of Language & Literacy, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science & Technology and Arts.

As there is a general concern over the lack of Mandarin exposure for the young ones in many Singaporean homes, our Bilingual Curriculum places equal emphasis on Mandarin and English. Both the language teachers are co-partners for the same class; they interact with the children in their respective languages throughout the day.  We introduce Hanyu Pinyin to our K2 children through a collection of enjoyable and interactive activities.



Letterland is a child-friendly system for teaching children to read, write and spell. It uses abstract letter shapes which are transformed into motivating and engaging pictogram characters. These colourful pictograms provide memory hooks for all the letter shapes and sounds. The friendly Letterlanders also provide strong visual memory and verbal clues to ensure correct letter formation and reduce confusion for similar letters like b/d, p/q or n/u.

From Playgroup to Kindergarten 2, our children are introduced to letter sounds, shapes, blends,

diagraphs, word and sentence building through fun Alphabet Songs, Letterland Stories,

Picture Code Cards, Handwriting Copymasters and many other Multi-Sensorial Activities.

Oxford Reading Tree

Our little ones engage in the readers programme, Oxford Reading Tree where they get to
meet the well-loved characters; Biff, Chip and Kipper. The books in the programme have
varied writing styles that give children everything they need to become confident readers.
There are also different reading levels that are suited for the different age groups of
children. The readers programme begin as early as in Playgroup where the children are
introduced to the readers programme with the use of Big Books. As they move on to
Nursery and Kindergarten years, they will be guided by our mighty
staff in small group and individual reading.