About Us


Little Mighty Me was set up in 2012 to promote inclusive education with a strong focus on developing a whole child as opposed to traditional ways of learning where the main focus is on academic learning. The school also has an inclusive program, where children with learning disabilities are accepted as well.



Every child is a happy explorer.



Build a solid foundation for all children to succeed in school and in life.     


Educational Philosophy

Children are born with innate sense of wonder.

At Little Mighty Me, we believe that children learn best through hands on experiences and purposeful play where our young ones interact, explore, discover and investigate their surroundings. Through play, children also learn to collaborate and solve problems with their peers, improve their language and enhance their critical thinking skills. This is supported by Vygotsky whom believed that a lot of learning takes place when children play (Mooney 2013, p. 101).

Little Mighty Me goes back to the basis of care and education and is strongly influenced by two renowned theorists in psychology and education, Abraham Maslow and Lev Vygotsky.

  • Our mighty people’s physiological, safety, social and esteem needs are placed in highest priority.

  • Our mighty people are engaged in meaningful activities that promote positive social interactions with their guides and peers.

  • Our mighty staff acts as guides to support our mighty people’s learning at a level that suits their individual cognitive potential. Learning is a reciprocal experience between our mighty people and their guides.